This was a teaser for Premio Lo Nuestro to preview the 2021 show. It aired on New Year's Eve so it had a bit of a black and gold vibe that fit in well with the event. My task was to design graphics that fit the mod and edit the script along to the music provided.

The 3D is done in Cinema 4D and Octane Render. It's a gold shader with light sweeps to highlight detail in the logo and ultimately reveal it at the very end. 

The titles needed to be flexible so they are done in After Effects. They change all the time so having them built where they can be adjusted faster is crucial to the process. I added some glittery dust to it via the ever popular Trapcode Particular.

The who vibe and idea is going from dark to light, ending 2021 with hope (esperanza) in 2021. 
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