Hello my name is Michael and I'm a bit of a MoGraph generalist, I try to have experience and knowledge in many different disciplines and aspects of animation. I am from South Florida and currently live in Miami.
I work professionally as an motion graphics artist and I am also a professor at an arts college teaching 3D animation. I've been teaching for 6 years and I enjoy how it keeps me sharp and has made me more critical and informed as an artist, and I enjoy refining lessons and helping other elevate their skills.
My path started when I was a teenager making short films and using post-production software to put them together. I started with iMovie and then Final Cut Pro for non-linear editing but eventually got hooked on doing motion graphics with After Effects; and when that wasn't enough I evolved to also do 3D inside Cinema 4D. Nowadays I've grown to use Octane Render more and more and it's my go to for GPU rendering.
I also manage Miami MoGraph, a group for meetups among Miami creatives and animation enthusiasts. We host events and put on demonstrations, with a goal to create networking among those with similar interests in South Florida. You can find Miami MoGraph on Twitter and Facebook.
When I am away from my work on the computer I am interested in sports, BBQ, plants, cooking, and music.
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