This was a fun holiday logo bumper for my company. I setup a dynamic system in Cinema 4D dropping hundreds or even thousands of pieces before focusing on the hero piece. They are actually sliding down a ramp if you see it from behind the camera. 
Their logo as a bit of a conic or triangular shape to it so I designed it in 3D to fit somewhere between it's flat vector state and a piece of candy corn. I've enjoyed using Volume Modeling with the Remesher to get really solid geometry rather easily, without spending so much time try to solve issues and retopologize models. In this case I was able to take the simple vector version and extrude it, then turn it into a volume model and work with the smoothing to make it more pillowy and feel more like candy, removing all the harsh edges.
I like the angles and perspective because you can't really tell it's not an actual piece of candy corn until very late. Plus the color scheme is very unique so I think people automatically just recognize it and move on without focusing on the detail of the shape so much. Also got to do a bit of foley work which is fun, I dropped dried chickpeas on the ground to fill in the sound effects, then adjusted the sound in Audition.
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