In 2022 I've been switching from Octane to Redshift over the past year for my 3D rendering inside Cinema 4D. I finally feel like I got the hang of it, getting better results the more I tinker with all the available settings. Having all the controls in a biased renderer definitely gives you more creative freedom to shape your looks the way you want without having to be so literal about everything.

I made this spinning totem to demonstrate the animation principle of arc for my class and decided to expand more upon it. I decided to testing some environment and volumes inside Redshift, and wanted to get that floating dust going as well. I felt like I had been doing mostly static or boring camera shots lately so wanted to do a 360 shot that also had the arc as well, the goal being to slope and bank gradually throughout rather than being straight on in a perfect circle. The loop is only about 10 seconds but I like that it feels indefinite.
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