I had originally designed a small assembly line element in 3D to illustrate mechanical motion as an example for linear interpolation between keyframes for my students in my animation class.I gradually expanded the scene into this more elaborate setting as a take on factory farming. The linear interpolation with the assembly line moving is the backbone of the motion, it keeps the whole scene constantly moving.

Design Notes

- I did hard-surface modeling on all these industrial elements to build the whole factory setting. The belt, the machinery, the control panel, all required only hard-surface detail and I handled most of that with simple Bevel Defomers. The chickens required different techniques,  sub division modeling for the live chicken and volume modeling for the raw chicken.

- All the materials are industrial textures built in Octane.

- The animation is very short just to do the minimum loop length possible.

- I picked an isometric camera for the 1:1:1 ratio that would allow you to see the whole scene without obscuring anything.

- I used dynamics to get the egg to roll and baked that animation, rather than doing it by hand.
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