My first project created with Forester inside Cinema 4D, I wanted to create a frosty winter scene that looped its snowfall.

Design Notes:

- I made the trees in different levels and rendered them as stills, creating the composite in After Effects. That way I could mix them at different levels and get a composition I liked, it added flexibility to the landscape design..

- Another advantage of rendering the trees as still was that I could create the snow emitter in 2D. The render would have took 100x longer with all the trees and snow together in Cinema 4D. I used Trapcode Particular instead and did tiers of emitters between the different layers of trees. Visually it feels accurate and that was I had more control of the foreground, intermediate, and background snowfall.

- In Octane I added volumetric fog to make the weather feel more prominent and prevent the scene from needing to be deeper than it had to be.
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