I created a spooky forest scene in Cinema 4D, primarily using Forester and Octane Render.

Design Notes:

- I created 5 different trees in Forester, just simple trees with no leaves and scattered them around the area and rotated them to make sure there isn't an obvious repetition of them.

- The leaves are just a displaced texture tiled on the ground.

- I added volumetric fog to reduce the visibility in the background and end the scene off in the distance.

I animated the in and out moves of the creepy guys and then just exported it as an Alembic file so the movement was baked, I flipped the X Scale to make them animate on both sides. The eyes blink with just one offset image sequence in the Octane textures.

- Did the final color correction in After Effects using Magic Bullet Looks. It is somewhat of a day for night type grading, I like to render scenes brighter and compress the levels in post just so there is more detail to play with. I also used Red Giant's Denoiser, as I rendered this with Pathtracing and about 2000 samples but it still wasn't perfectly clean, so rather than waiting on a longer render it was cleaned up pretty well with the 3rd party plugin.
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