I started the idea for this over two years ago. I modeled the hard surface container but had no clue what to put in it. I finally I filled it as a biodome in a lab. A new ecosystem to start fresh.

Design Notes:

- The orb is easy to create. It's a very low poly icosahedron, cutting holes where the vertexes are with a simple beveling of the points to create circular openings. Once there, I place it in a subdivision object and increase the resolution dramatically for the smooth spherical look. 

- I used a MoGraph cloner to place the connectors, modifying a simple disc objects with some basic extrudes and adjustments to get it to contour with the sphere. The pipes are made with a spline wrap deformer. The spines allow them to bend in different directions and give them some diversity in their curvature. 

- I've really gotten into Forester, it's fun to add trees and nature procedurally.  

- The soil was easy to create, I just blended 3 different seamless soil/rock textures together to create that earth's crust cross section look.
- I felt the rest of the room should feel sterile and have bright white to contrast with the vivid green nature. I filled in the background with some elements from Kitbash 3D, I didn't want much detail or attention there.

- I wanted the camera zoomed in and the focus to be shallow. I want it to be a little mysterious as to where this is a tiny nature scene, or it's full size and the lab is just huge.
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