This is a VR environment I made as example for a project I wanted my students to tackle. The goal was to create a interior or exterior scene inside Cinema 4D that rendered in 360 degrees, and load it into a VR headset and explore the scene. I only aimed for a still just to reduce render times.

My scene is a take on very "contemporary" art in the form of memes, and how they would look in a space usually reserved for paintings, illustrations, photographs, etc. I tried to make a contemporary-looking museum space. I emphasized making the scale feel accurate and feel like you were accurately sized and standing in the rendered space.

Design Notes:

- I made a rig in Xpresso to allow me to resize all the memes, since they were all different aspect ratios. I brought all the essential controls to the foreground in a control panel.

- I made a simple set of track lights and pointed them at the frames, and created a skylight to boost the overall illumination in the scene.

- I rendered it in Octane at 8000 x  4000, an equirectangular image to fit inside a Google Cardboard headset. I just left it overnight since it was one frame, I could have probably done a lesser resolution.
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